Oilfield Equipment Maintenance Tips

Oilfield equipment maintenance—don't let it be an afterthought! Improperly maintained equipment is much likelier to breakdown, causing expensive work stoppages, or worse, injury to personnel. This is especially important to consider in remote areas where help or replacement can be hours or days away.

And just because equipment is rented does not mean you should skimp on the regular inspections! It's not about ownership; it's about productivity and safety. For your oilfield equipment rentals in Grande Prairie, give Mountview Business Park Ltd. a call at 780-532-6614 or contact us.

Here are a few maintenance and inspection tips for your oilfield equipment, whether you rent or own:

  • Before starting work do a walk-around of the equipment. Check all bolts and tighten if necessary. Apply lubricant where required.
  • Check engine to make sure all components appear to be in working order; check fluid levels and top up, if necessary.
  • Inspect fuel lines, hoses, and belts for leaks, kinks, wear, cracks and breaks.
  • Check wires and connectors for corrosion and fastness.
  • Check the fire extinguisher for general condition and that it is charged, its nozzle is unobstructed and its seal is intact.
  • Are hand grabs and steps secure?
  • In the cab, check lights, horn, and gauges.

Modular trailers should also be inspected!
If you have any questions about modular trailers and other oilfield equipment rentals in Grande Prairie, give Mountview Business Park Ltd. a call at 780-532-6614

  • When A/C and heat are in heavy use, air filters should be changed monthly. Clogged filters reduce flow and make heating and cooling less efficient and more costly.
  • Make sure ducts and vents are unblocked and combustibles are at a safe distance.
  • If your heating system requires fuel combustion make sure your chimney is clean, in good shape and conforms to safety standards.
  • Make sure chimney bases are inspected and cleaned regularly.
  • Inspect outdoor fuel lines, especially in winter. They are prone to damage from falling ice and snow and extreme cold conditions.
  • Furnace nozzles should be serviced regularly for maximum efficiency and safety.
  • You should carry out regular inspections of the modular trailer plumbing, drains, and electrical circuits. Remember, prevention is always the cheapest and safest solution to a problem.
  • Safety is a very real concern when it comes to regular inspections of trailers. Improperly functioning heating systems can introduce dirty air, carbon monoxide and other noxious gasses into the living space causing respiratory distress and even death.

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