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10-man Camp Rentals in Grande Prairie


Any employer knows that happy workers are productive workers. This is especially important when it comes to oilfield work, drilling exploration or similar industrial jobs. It is easier for your workers to stay focused on their work if they live close to the worksite. This allows you to utilize your employees when and where you need them most. However, it also leaves you with a dilemma: how do you help employees feel happy in their home away from home?

With 10-man camp trailer rentals in Grande Prairie from Mountview Business Park Ltd., you can keep your employees happy and satisfied. We offer comfortable living accommodations for all types of industrial workers. With entertainment and other useful amenities, your employees will feel the comforts of home – and it will show in their work. 

Learn about Our 10-man Camps

As you can see from the layout photograph, our 10-man, Texas-style trailers feature 5 bedrooms with two beds each. Our camps also offer individual closets and a split bathroom layout for utility and privacy. Each room also has a satellite TV. We know comfort is important, so we also provide a larger kitchen and living area for group interactions. Along with all these benefits, our camp trailers offer the following amenities:

Flat-screen living area TVs

DVD players

Pillow-top mattresses

2 washers and dryers per camp

Satellite TVs in each room

With this design and setup, your workers will have all the comforts and supplies they need to feel at home.

Our Trailers Benefit You


We provide affordable trailers that will supply what your employees need. If they have comfortable quarters and entertainment, their work ethic will improve. This is invaluable to any industrial employer. Take a look at our various products, and sturdy modular camps and 10-man camp trailers in Grande Prairie to see what else you can gain. We also provide wellsite trailers for on-site work. Call us today for more information at 780-532-6614.

Trailers Tailored to Your Needs

We have trailers that can accommodate up to 10 people for day use or extended periods.

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