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Comprehensive Office Trailers in Grande Prairie


Do you need portable office space in the Alberta oil fields, at an isolated construction site or any other remote location? Mountview Business Park Ltd. offers office trailer rentals in Grand Prairie that allow you to oversee your short or long-term project efficiently, safely and in a comfortable work environment. 


Our rugged mobile office trailers are designed to stand up to dirt and debris, inclement weather and rough usage. They are fully equipped and furnished and easily customizable with features such as a communications centre, changing rooms, a deluxe kitchenette and more. Modifications can be applied to meet your specific needs.


Our pre-manufactured portable office trailers are easy to set-up and install. Mountview Business Park Ltd. is proud to offer office trailers for rental purposes in Grand Prairie at affordable prices. Tell us the amount of time you need a trailer and we will arrange one for you.

Advantages of Using an Office Trailer

There are several benefits to using an office trailer at your worksite. They include:


  • Flexibility– If you have undertaken a certain project but you have to move before the construction is completed, opt for an office trailer. It offers you the flexibility to work anywhere you need to without a traditional office building.

  • Portability and accessibility – Even if you have to shift to a different location for some time, you can rely on office trailers. You can also set your office space in a location that is easily accessible.

  • Multi-functionality – Just because it is not a concrete structure does not mean that it is inefficient. Office trailers can be used for multiple functions to accomplish your business goals.

Office Trailer Sizes

We offer mobile office trailers in several sizes to help you get down to business in the field. These durable mobile units offer superior strength to serve your needs throughout your project. Choose the size that is right for you:

 12’ x 22’

12’ x 24’

 12’ x 35’

12’ x 40’

12’ x 60’

Serving Alberta and Northern British Columbia


Based in Grande Prairie, Mountview Business Park Ltd. provides prompt and reliable service, delivery, and setup of mobile office trailers for clients in locations throughout Alberta and northern British Columbia. Contact us today to discuss your needs or to schedule service for an office trailer rental in Grand Prairie. You can also rely on us for general trailer and equipment rental services.

Trailers Tailored to Your Needs

We have trailers that can accommodate up to 10 people for day use or extended periods.

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